Making it Click With Google Documents!

1) Why Google Apps?

  1. Have you ever created a document on your home computer, only to get to school and find out
    that you never saved it to you jump drive so you could print it out at school?
  2. Are you working on a collaborative project (team newsletter or back to school presentation) and can never
    remember which version of the presentation is the “correct” one?

2) What are Google Apps?

3) How do you get the files up there?

Google Docs

1) Create them

2) Upload

3) Using the Clipboard

  1. Open the document in the desktop word processor.
  2. Type ⌘-A to select the contents of the entire document.
  3. Type ⌘-C to copy it to the clipboard.
  4. In Google Docs, create a new document.
  5. When the Edit window appears, type ⌘-V to paste it in.

4) Save as HTML

  1. Open the document in the desktop word processor.
  2. Choose File > Save As...
  3. In the dialog that appears, select Web Page (*.htm; *.html) for the "Save as type."
  4. Save the file, and make a note of the file name and folder, as you'll need it next.
  5. In Google Docs, choose Upload again from the main page.
  6. This time, specify the html file you just made in the desktop word processor.

Google Spreadsheets

1) Create them

2) Upload

Google Presentations

1) Create them

2) Upload them

3) Present them on-line (with chat feature)

Google Calendar

1) Create

2) Share

4) How can YOU use them in your classroom?

  • Collaborative documents - Team newsletters, parent communication logs, homework calendars
  • Portability - create them on your home machine, save them to your Google Docs account, log in and print them at school. How many of YOUR students would benefit from using Google Docs?

Google Docs Basics For Educators

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