Social Networking (Edmodo) in Your Classroom

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Do your students use any social networking outside of school? Why not use it in school & demonstrate positive uses of social networking?

Edmodo provides 3 benefits

  • Engages students
  • Improves communication with your students
  • Reduces the amount of paper used in your classroom - My students really like the “greeness” of this!

With Edmodo you and your students can:

  • Send notes or alerts, ask and answer questions stay in touch with your students when either of you are not in your classroom.
  • Give, submit, and track assignments and due dates
  • Share RSS feeds
  • Share / store files - great way for students to make their work files accessible from any where. No more lost flash drives!
  • Share links
  • Take polls

To get started:

  • Go to __www.edmodo.com__ and create a teacher account

  • Set up your classes

  • By subject or by actual class session. I set my classes up individually. Allows for more specific assignments and notes to be sent. You can send messages, assignments, etc to more than one class at a time. You can also message students directly.

  • Students create their own accounts.

  • If they already have a teacher using edmodo, they don’t need to create another account. They just need to join your class.

  • Passwords can easily be reset by teacher (or student if they input an email address).

  • I do this in class. Gives me an opportunity to review the computer use policies. I encourage students to create their own avatar. Makes it easier if you have more than one Sean B. in your class lists!

A “typical” class period in my Computer Lab:

  • Students come in and log into Edmodo.

  • I post my bellwork, new assignments and notes to individual students so they appear when they log in. They also receive the grades for the assignments I graded since the last time they were logged in.

  • Students can get to work immediately. They don’t have to wait for me to explain.

  • This makes me available for students who have questions or who may need extra help.

  • It also makes it easier for students who are absent to see what they have missed, or even to stay caught up while they are home (if they have an internet connection).

  • It makes me available to my students if I am not in the classroom. I have my settings so I receive a Twitter DM when one of my students sends me a note or a file. This goes directly to my phone. I can log in on the mobile page and see what the students’ question is.

  • Students submit their assignments on line. Edmodo lets me see who hasn’t submitted their work, keeps track of when the assignment was submitted (great for tracking late work).

Where to get help:

  • Edmodo Support is excellent. You can send a message to support or to Jeff O’Hara.

  • Read their wiki and blog

  • Follow @edmodo on Twitter

  • There is a terrific community of teachers using Edmodo. Follow @tscheeler, @largerama, @mcteach, or me (@iteachcomputers)

  • Join the Edmodo Teachers Ning //__http:edmodoteachers.ning.com__

Here is the presentation from my Slideshare Account: