Introduction to Animoto

Animoto offers free All-Access passes for educational accounts .

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Once your account is approved, you will be sent a code for your students to enter when they create their accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Children under 13 aren't allowed to register. How then can I have my younger students use this program?
To ensure that your younger students are protected, we suggest that you come up with dummy e-mails for them that are under your control. This way you can monitor the activities that go on under their Animoto accounts.
How do I go about creating "dummy" e-mails that are under my control for students?
Register an e-mail address at The "dummy" account trick doesn't work with most other e-mail domains.
Once you have that original e-mail address registered at, you can then register for your students who are under the age of 13 at site by entering the following e-mail addresses in the registration form. Please make sure you are registering your students using the Classroom Code Link provided for you. If you don't, then the students won't have All-Access.
Register the following e-mail addresses at Animoto.
All activity at our website under these accounts will be sent to your original, derivative e-mail (i.e. This way, you'll be able to give each student a unique Animoto account, while also being able to monitor their account's activity.
Can we work on Animoto simultaneously while doing in-class assignments?
This was the main reason we decided to launch "Animoto for Education." Many educators were allowing their students to use their own accounts for assignments, but only a few people could be signed in under them at a time. With "Animoto for Education," students can each have their own accounts. This makes both in-class and homework assignments easier to do.
What other benefits do we get from having All-Access?
Not only will students be able to use their own accounts to make full-length videos while in-class or at home, they also can download their videos. This makes in-class presentations easier to do when an internet connection isn't available. Also, since each student will have their own account, they can share videos amongst each other more readily.
Can other people come across my students' videos or contact my students through the site?
Absolutely not. All videos are completely private. The only way someone can watch a video is if they are directed to that video's specific URL, or if that video is posted to another website. Also, no one will be able to contact your students via Animoto.

Here is a link to a terrific slideshow tutorial about Animoto: